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Thank you for visiting the official website of Health That Cares. Feel free to reach out to me to learn more about the health insurance services I offer to individuals, families, and businesses in over 30 states.

Elaina Pruessner

Rhys is not your typical health insurance agent. He goes the extra mile to be sure you have the right amount of health coverage for your situation. And that you get a solid plan at an affordable price. I highly recommend Rhys to all my friends.

John Walton Wolf

Great at what they do, and they genuinely care. Assistance is quick and almost immediate, I definitely recommend using them for your health insurance needs! They’ll help you figure everything out, without it seeming overwhelming!

Jacob Millich

I work as a self employed over the road trucker. Rhys did a great job I had no idea I was overpaying for my Obamacare plan! Went from paying over 600 a month to about half that. Not only that I had no idea that everytime I drive I was out of network on that plan. Now I’m on a nationwide PPO and I can take comfort in the fact that anything that happens on or off the job I am covered.

Damon Timmons

This guy really does care, and is extremely patient. 10/10 would recommend!

Chris Hubbard

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value!

James Broz

Really knowledgeable about health insurance

G. Nelson

Thank you so much for helping me find affordable health coverage with a PPO!

Krystina Mercer

Rhrys was AMAZING ! A GREAT HELP! And answered all my questions .

I would recommend him to anyone I know in need of insurance .

He was very professional and has a great sense of Humor!

Justin Costales

Reece was very knowledgeable and was able to explain how each plan was different from each other.

He genuinely cares about helping people and finding what fits the best.

I travel often and had no idea I needed a PPO but he did and explained why it is important.

Tyler Follerman

Quality service! Health that cares really does care, no matter what your situation is.

He has been able to help my friends and family. Highly recommended!

James Chamberlain

The team at Health the Cares is very professional and easy to work with. My experience has been very pleasant and I am sure yours will be too.

Anthony Bono

I was just approved for health that cares.

Let me start with I was helped by Rhys Richardson, and that’s the agent you want to help you. He was very informative and knew what he was talking about for sure. He found the perfect plan for me that fit within my budget and still had everything I needed. Nobody wants to have to deal with paying and setting up health insurance but Rhys defiantly made it quick and painless but still with including everything that needed to be known.

I look forward to being covered by this company and feel comfortable knowing I have Rhys and his personal contact info in case
I ever have any questions about my health insurance.